The Super Six Super Students

Good morning and good afternoon! 

20150330_102826What a beautiful autumn day to welcome our super six new students!

We have Saki from Japan, Nicole from Brazil, Keunhwa and Jeongeung from South Korea, Chantal from Switzerland and Leda from Italy.We welcome them in our Lexis Family and hope that they will have an amazing time here!

PS: I am the new James for a week – yay! :)

Yours Irina

What’s on in Brisbane this Weekend!

Got any plans this weekend? No?

If want to have a good weekend we have a great list of things to do for you.


French film festival!                If you are a French student, or you are interested in learning French or maybe you just like watching movies.  Go and enjoy on the 3rd March 2015 – 1st April 2015. Please click the name for more information.

1424838803_imageThe Long Road Walk, Sandgate    Maybe you are feeling lazy but you still want to do something fun. Why not support a charity and go on a walk in your Pajamas. Go and support a charity. For more information click on the name.

Walking with Dinosaurs – The Arena Spectacular

Do you like Dinosaurs? Maybe you have wanted to see them in real life? Now you can Go and see walking with dinosaurs. Entry fee is $45.00. It is defiantly worth seeing!walking-with-dinosaurs-pittsburgh-tickets-640x360-428

Food Truck: Food is nice, but sometimes you want to experience different types of food. Now you can try many different types. Go and try some interesting food!


Have a good Weekend! :D

Our March Cambridge Classes!

Our Cambridge First and Advanced students are now in their 2nd week of their courses and, as you can see in the pictures below, they are 100% focused and having fun!  Both classes have Lexis’s best teachers on board, who say that their students are learning a lot and already seeing progress.  Well done everyone.  Enjoy the courses!


Teacher Melissa and her very happy FCE class


Our CAE class in the middle of what looks like a difficult exercise!

New Work Experience Student

Hello everyone!

Steph, James and Zoe IMG_20150325_093031IMG_20150325_093430IMG_20150325_104107

G’day Mates (Good Day my friends)

My name is Stephanie, but you can call me Steph. I am the new work experience student. “What is work experience?”, you may ask. Work experience is when a student goes to a job to get the experience and skill of a real paid job, but you do not get paid money it’s all for free. My jobs around Lexis include :

  • Talking to the students( to help with speaking skills)
  • Helping the teachers in the classroom
  • Helping James and Irina at the front desk

And I have many other various jobs as-well. I am from Australia, but I may not have a very strong accent because my mother is from England and my father is Australian. I have really enjoyed working at Lexis English Language school! I hope to make many more good memories. Thankyou for welcoming me into the Lexis family.


Steph :D

What Glee!- Twenty-Three! Our big group of new students start at Lexis Brisbane

23032015We had a big crowd this morning at Lexis English of students ready to start their English program. We had ten terrific men from Saudi Arabia officially starting today and joining our orientation, along with thirteen wonderful General English students.   We welcome them all! We’re excited to get to know you, Akiko and Katsumasa from Japan, Dongjoo, Ayumi, Hane, Yoolim, Daehyun, Yikhee and Minye from South Korea, Sara and Gabriele from Italy, Laritza and Lorena from Colombiaand of course our Saudi Arabians- Nawar, Ahmed, Mohammed Ali, Faisal, Abdullah, Hussam, Saud, Mujib, Fahad and Abdulaziz!