Lexis Brisbane Welcomes 8 New Students_22 April, 2014

Welcome to Lexis. We hope you have a great time here and achieve all your English goals.

Victor, Jong Tae, Jinok and Dasia. The other students were already in class (Laura, Claudia, Yiseul and Victor Ropraz)

In this picture: Victor, Jong Tae, Jinok and Dasia. The following students were already in class: Laura, Claudia, Yiseul and Victor Ropraz.

Did you see the Blood Moon last night?

Good Morning Lexis; I thought I’d share some shots I took of the blood moon last night. It was the first full lunar eclipse since December, 2011. I also got some good photo’s of that one from the roof of a hotel in Pushkar, Rajistan, India, but it was much higher in the sky. I hope you enjoy!


P.S. There will be a Solar Eclipse on 29th April, 2014 and another Lunar Eclipse on 8 October, 2014.

Friday Farewells

Every Friday we say goodbye to some of our wonderful Lexis English students.  Today amongst our graduating students were:

Young from South Korea, who studied with us for six months and is now going to study TESOL.  He will become a school  teacher in Korea.  :)



…and Atsuko, who also studied with us for six months and then went on to do a course in Child Care in Brisbane.  She said it was a great experience!image