Did you see the Blood Moon last night?

Good Morning Lexis; I thought I’d share some shots I took of the blood moon last night. It was the first full lunar eclipse since December, 2011. I also got some good photo’s of that one from the roof of a hotel in Pushkar, Rajistan, India, but it was much higher in the sky. I hope you enjoy!


P.S. There will be a Solar Eclipse on 29th April, 2014 and another Lunar Eclipse on 8 October, 2014.

Friday Farewells

Every Friday we say goodbye to some of our wonderful Lexis English students.  Today amongst our graduating students were:

Young from South Korea, who studied with us for six months and is now going to study TESOL.  He will become a school  teacher in Korea.  :)



…and Atsuko, who also studied with us for six months and then went on to do a course in Child Care in Brisbane.  She said it was a great experience!image


Inigo – Studying and Working in Brisbane

Lexis Brisbane Student Profile – Inigo from Spain

What English course are you studying at Lexis?

At the moment, I am studying First Certificate in English in Lexis English Brisbane.  I enjoy the school because everyone tries to help me with my English.  Although my English is not the best, I think I am improving all my skills.

Why did you choose Brisbane?

I chose Brisbane because it is not a big city, but there are a lot of fun places and the weather makes me feel better.

Can you tell us about your job in Brisbane?

I am working in a tennis club as a tennis teacher.  I like my job because there is a lot of contact with Aussie people.  Also, I am teaching Aussie people to improve their tennis skills and that makes me feel happy.  I don’t think it’s difficult to find a job in this city.  There are a lot of different kinds of jobs and students are active people, looking for new opportunities.  So, (if you are) active, consistent and polite of course, the job will come.

What will you take back home with you?

Actually, I think that my Australia experience is providing me with a good English experience, a good job experience and the opportunity to meet people from everywhere around the world.  I’ll never forget this experience!