Student Testimonials – Marika! 😘

We said farewell to another #LexisFamily member today. Someone very special who has been studying at Lexis for a year!! 😀 Let’s meet Marika! Marika is originally from Japan. Her first day at Lexis Brisbane was on the 22nd of February 2016! On her first day, Marika was very nervous and only had a Pre-Intermediate level of English. She finished today, with an Upper Intermediate, Grade A level, and has also completed 19 weeks of Cambridge FCE!! 🙂

We asked Marika some questions about her time here in Australia, so keep on reading to see what she had to say!


Marika & Tara 🙂


Marika with her Cambridge FCE class.

What courses did you study at Lexis while you were here?
I started in Pre-Intermediate, and completed both Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate. I have also finished the Cambridge FCE course.

Did you go to more than one Lexis school?
I went to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast campuses.

What did you think of your classes and teachers?
Super good!! 🙂

Why did you choose to come to Brisbane? Are you happy with your choice?
Brisbane is not as busy as Melbourne, but also not too quiet. Everything is so convenient. I think Brisbane is the best city in Australia to live in!

Where did you live while you were here?
I lived with an Aussie family at first, but then moved to my own place.

Did you work while you were studying?
No I didn’t have a job… 😦

What do you like most about Brisbane/Australia?
The weather! Brisbane has warm weather all throughout the year.

What is your most memorable experience in Brisbane/Australia?
I can’t choose only one! All of my memories are unforgettable! I’ve been to Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Moreton Island, Fraser Island, etc… 🙂 But I did also enjoy meeting many nationalities at Lexis. They made my Aussie Life WONDERFUL!!

What are your plans for when you return home?
I’m going back to Japan to finish my university degree. But I plan on coming back to Australia after this!

We are so very proud of your achievements, Marika, and you should be too! 👍👍 Marika has plans to come back to Australia in August, so until then – good luck and we will see you again! ❤ ❤

If you or someone you know would like to get involved with writing a testimonial, please have a chat with Tara at Reception!

Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

❤️ Graduating Students – 17/02/17 😢

Today we said goodbye to more beautiful Lexis Brisbane students! We’ve enjoyed watching your English improve over the last few months. For some, such as Marika, she has been with Lexis for 40 WEEKS!! :O Congratulations to all of you!!

DEAN - Tanya's Intermediate.jpg

Dean – Tanya’s Intermediate class

JUAN & JONAS - Roz Upper Int.jpg

Juan & Jonas – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

MARIKA - Ben's FCE.jpg

Marika – Ben’s FCE class

SHIORI & RAQUEL - Peter's A'noon Pre-Int.jpg

Shiori & Raquel – Peter’s afternoon Pre-Intermediate class

Take care!! ❤ We will miss you!!

☀️ What’s On in Brisbane! ☀️

There are a couple of interesting events happening this weekend in Brisbane. Keep on reading to get some inspiration! 😀

BrisAsia Festival 2017:


Image courtesy of the Brisbane City Council.

This is your last chance to get involved with the BrisAsia Festival! This 3-week celebration comes to a close this weekend, but there are still plenty of fun activities to see and do across the next few days! Take a look here for some ideas!


Travel Expo 2017:


This might not apply for all of you, as you’ve already joined us from abroad! 🙂 BUT! The Brisbane Travel Expo also has amazing deals for travel withing Australia as well! If you’re looking to book a trip over a weekend, or something to do before you head back home, I’m sure you’ll find a bargain here!

Where: Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre – Halls 3 & 4.
When: Sat – Sun (18th & 19th Feb) from 9am to 4pm.


Brisbane Street Arts Festival:


Image courtesy of the Brisbane Powerhouse.

Head on down to the Brisbane Powerhouse from this weekend until the 27th of February to be a witness to the amazing talents of young local artists at the Street Arts Festival! Their program offers something for everything, including hands-on experience with workshops and activities for you to participate in. Learn all about the street art culture that started in Brisbane during the 1980’s, and see what it has developed into today! Entry is free. For more information, click here.


Brisbane Ghost Tours:


OooooOooo! 👻 👻  This is not one for the feint-hearted. Brisbane is known to have some of the country’s most haunted buildings and cemeteries. These guided tours happen each weekend, but they also have special events on Friday the 13th and Halloween. With various locations around Brisbane, it’s bound to spook even the ghosts that roam there! Take a look at the website here.

Here’s the forecast for the weekend. We can expect some rain and possible thunderstorms on Sunday, so please prepare ahead of time and keep track of the rain. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! ❤ ❤


Meet our Teachers – Luke! 😄

Welcome back to another Meet the Teachers! This week, we meet the wonderful Luke! 😀 Luke is one of our newest teachers here at Lexis Brisbane. He is currently teaching our Beginner class in the afternoon, and is doing such a great job! We gave Luke one of our teacher questionnaires to answer, so keep on reading to find out what he had to say!


What languages can you speak?
English and terrible Mandarin Chinese.😜

You always wanted to be…:
Who I am! 🙂

What do you love about Brisbane?
I like the general laid-back vibe this city has!

What is your favourite colour?

At midnight on a Saturday, where will we find you?
I’ll be on the couch relaxing, watching a movie.

What about at 7pm on a Sunday night?
Probably just finishing a Sunday evening run.

Who is your ultimate superhero?
Hmm.. I can’t pick one, because ALL of my students are my superheros!!

Describe Brisbane in 1 word:

What would you recommend students to do while in Brisbane?
Definitely watch the sunrise from the summit of Mount Coot-tha.

Do you have any English learning tips for everyone?
Talk, talk, TALK! Practice your English by talking to as many people as possible. Talk to your classmates, talk to your teachers, talk to your neighbours!

Thanks Luke, and a very big, warm welcome to the #LexisFamily! We love having you here, and so do your students!

Be sure to say hi to Luke if you see him walking around the school. He would love to get to know you too! 🙂

Stay tuned next Wednesday for more Meet the Teachers! ❤

Welcome to Brisbane! ✌️ 13/02/17

It was a busy morning here at Lexis Brisbane, with not only our new students joining us, but also the first of the CELTA full-time courses starting today! Let’s give a BIG cheer to all our new students for the week!

Week 79.jpg

Back Row: Felipe, Rafael and Fernando from Brazil, Yuya from Japan and Alvaro from Chile
Front Row: Hee Won from South Korea, Evelyn from Brazil, Akari from Japan, Inpyo who comes from South Korea but just transferred to us from Lexis Noosa and Haruna from Japan!

Welcome everyone!! ❤ ❤ ❤

💕 Graduating Students – 10/02/17 👍

It’s the end of the week, and the end of another Lexis journey for these students. We will miss you all! Please take care and keep in touch! 😘😘


Almir – Sam’s Intermediate class


Giuseppe – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class


Haeun – Tanya’s Intermediate class


Kosuke – Emilio’s Intermediate class


Leo – Mitzi’s Elementary class

YUN - Eugene's A'noon IELTS.jpg

Yun – Eugene’s Afternoon IELTS class


❤️💕 Valentine’s Weekend in Brisbane! 💕❤️

Valentine’s weekend is coming up, with the special day happening on Tuesday, 14th of February. A lot of people will be celebrating across the weekend, so here are some of my suggestions for you guys to try! 🙂 And don’t worry if you’re single – these activities are just as perfect to enjoy with friends as well. ❤ ❤ #FriendshipIsJustAsImportant!


🚲 Cycle around Brisbane:

The Brisbane City Council bike hire is a really convenient and affordable way to see our beautiful city from a different point of view. Membership is only $3 per month for students, and you can even use your GoCards to rent them! Why not ride along the riverside at sunset?  To sign up, click here.


🌿 Nature Lovers:

Hiking is another great idea if you like to do things differently. Brisbane is surrounded by beautiful rain forests and reserves that are perfect to explore with your loves. Take a look at our previous BLOG post about the best walking paths in Brisbane.

We also host some of the best waterfalls in Australia as well! One of my personal favourites is Curtis Falls down in the Gold Coast hinterlands. You can even cool off in the rock pools there after your walk! Take a look at other suggestions here.


💪 Adrenaline Lovers:

Do you need a little extra convincing to take your breath away this Valentine’s Day? Then this is sure to do it for you. The Story Bridge is one of three bridges IN THE WORLD that you can climb! You’ll have to get in quick to secure your spots, as this is a popular time to book. Tickets start from $99, and you can even get photos to remember the occasion. Check pricing info and availability on their website.

This is also bound to get the heart pumping – skydiving!!! There are several skydiving hot spots around Brisbane, so take a look at the website and choose one for yourself! Make sure to get plenty of photos!!


🍕 Dinner & Chill:

Brisbane riverside is filled with romantic and luxurious restaurants! Stretching from Eagle Street Pier through to South Bank, you’re bound to find something that fits your style and budget. Here’s a list of restaurants if you’re looking for something a little fancier. Or if you’re like me and just want to spend quality time, why not take a picnic blanket, some snacks and soak in the environment down by the South Bank esplanade? How lovely!


Night Lights:

This one you’ll need a car for, because there is no public transport available in the evenings. Or you could Uber! If you haven’t been to Mt Coot-Tha yet, now is the perfect time to take that special someone for a view to remember. See our beautiful city encased in its night lights from the top of the look-out. It’s truly breathtaking. Make sure to take a blanket or wear a coat as it can get windy up there!
Another suggestion to do after dark is to ride the Brisbane Wheel in South Bank. They also offer VIP styled booths, so you and your guest can spend some time in private. ❤ Price lists can be found on their website.


🐤 Stay on a Farm:

THIS is something I want to try! This website has a list of farms around Brisbane that offer Bed & Breakfast or private rentals for weekends and special occasions. Experience the best of the Aussie outback, while watching the stars in the arms of your love. Some of the farm stay locations even offer daytime activities such as helping milk the cows, feeding chickens and even horseback riding through the mountain ranges. Of course, this activity requires a car to get to and from the location, so be sure to research this as well!


😍 Movies with a twist:

It’s one thing to go to the movie cinema, but why not take it to the next level by attending an outdoor cinema?! The Moonlight Cinemas are located in New Farm Park, and is the perfect way to spend an evening under the stars while watching your favourite flicks. Tickets are $14 (with a student card), and movies show daily. Book your tickets online here, or download the schedule here.

❤ Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!! ❤