Welcome to Lexis Brisbane! ☀️ 27/03/17

Hey everyone!!

Let’s meet the newest members to the #LexisFamily. They are all super excited to start their new journey here in Brisbane. Why not say g’day if you see them around the school? 🙂

Week 85.jpg

Back Row: Eduardo from Brazil, Sangkyu and Giwoong from South Korea, Barbara, Bruno, Angelica and Elieide from Brazil.
Front Row: Alice from Switzerland, Jamika from South Korea and Jivago also from Brazil!

Welcome and please enjoy your stay here in Lexis, Brisbane AND Australia! ❤ ❤

Big Day and Big Welcome at Lexis English Brisbane

Wow! What a great Monday in our friendly Campus:)

Say Welcome and G’day to our awesome new students: Eduardo, Alejandro, Jung Joo,  Marc, Jennifer Rafael, Julia Danielle, Barbara, Thamaris, Adrian, Midian, Paula, Maelle, Takuya, Tomas, Elena, Jayne, Alessandro, Flavia, Rodrigo, Da Yeong, Ann-Katrin, Yeonghyeo, Changmin and Junghyo.

As you can see we have a great team today from all over the world!


New members of #LexisFamily :

Big welcome to our new Lexis Brisbane students!

Please say G’Day to Takuya from Japan,  Amelie from France, Julia, Roberta and Bruno from Brazil, Suzuka from Japan and Jaime from Spain.

Have a great time in Brisbane, guys, and welcome to the Family!:)

new students 6-03

What’s on at Lexis Brisbane in MARCH! 👍👍

Woohoo! Our activity calendar for March is now ready! Pencil in those dates, people – there’s lots to do this month, including our most popular event LONE PINE!! 🙂

Grab a copy of your calendar from Tara at Reception or from the Student Support desk. 🙂

MARCH 17 Activities.jpg

New Students in Town! 😄 27/02/17

We welcome another 8 new stars to the Lexis Brisbane family today, all of whom are from different corners of the world! 🙂 Please say hello and welcome to…:


Yoshiki from Japan, Erika from Italy, Carlos from Spain, Celia from France, Weber from Brazil and Ramona from Argentina! Wow, what an amazing mix of nationalities!! ❤ ❤

We also welcomed Ryo & Ryoto from Japan, who both transferred to Brisbane from Lexis Noosa! 🙂 Welcome to the big city, boys!!

Have a wonderful first week, gang!! ❤


Meet the Teachers – Clare! 💕

We absolutely adore our teachers here at Lexis Brisbane! ❤️ In this week’s Meet the Teachers, we get to meet Clare! Clare has been with Lexis since the beginning of the year; soon after she received her CELTA teaching certificate! 🙂 We asked Clare some questions to get to know her a little better. See what she has to say below…:


What languages can you speak?
English and Spanish.

When you were growing up, what did you want to be?
I wanted to be an interior designer.

In your opinion, what is Brisbane’s best kept secret?
The fact that you can legally drink in New Farm Park! (you’re welcome) 😜

Tell us something we don’t know:
Cronuts are the GREATEST food product known to man!

At 11pm on a Saturday, where will we find you?
Asleep in my bed. (definitely NOT snoring though!!)

What about at 8am on Sunday morning?
Having coffee with friends.

Where is your dream holiday destination?

Have any favourite restaurants to recommend in Brisbane?
It’s a three-way-tie between Quan Thanh, My Thai and Vegerama. 😋🍴

What is something our students should do while in Brisbane?
Definitely go out for a night at the Eat Street Markets! If you don’t have a car, you can also get there by City Hopper. (although it’s a little bit of a walk).

What’s your English learning tip for your students?
Just speak English! It’s okay to make mistakes, but you have to try. People will appreciate your effort and you’ll be more motivated to talk.

Welcome to the #LexisFamily, Clare! ❤️  We hope you continue to grow as a teacher and make plenty of nice memories while you’re here!

Stay tuned next Wednesday for more Meet the Teachers! Who will it be?? 🙂