English Out & About

The most recent Out & About class was one of the most successful so far. The students had many different tasks to complete but they all seemed to have a great time, which you can see by the video below.

The Out & About class on their way to the Botanical Gardens

One of their tasks was to discover the spirit of Brisbane. Here is what some of the students decided.


The spirit of Brisbane is its multiculturalism. The picture shows us a little Korean boy in a school choir where almost all of the students are Australians.

And the little boy shows how we can mix cultures in peace and harmony to make the world a better place to live.


In my opinion the people who live here are the spirit of Brisbane. White, black, yellow, Africans, Americans, Asians, Australians, they are all part of a huge crowd that keeps this city moving every day. It’s always good to see a lot of different cultures living together and in peace.


I think the spirit of Brisbane is sport. A lot of people go to work by bike and the offices have showers, so those people can take a shower before they start work. For me it’s amazing because in Brazil, people don’t think about this. Why not have a shower in the offices?

This photo also represents my life in Brisbane. I ride 20km every day to come to school and to go back. Besides that, I work for a bike taxi every weekend. So cycling is half of my life here.


For me, Adelaide Street represents Brisbane because I use it every day. Whenever I have a commitment in the CBD, at some point I pass by this street. Sometimes I take this street to carry my clients on my taxi bike when I’m working. For these reasons I’ll never forget this street.


For me, the Brisbane River represents all of Brisbane because it goes through the city and it’s like a highway on water in the city. The city has been developed around this river and we can visit all of the city by CityCat, public transport on the water. We can join all the important places in Brisbane by the river and beautiful roads and pedestrians bridges have been built to across it, like the Victoria Bridge, the Story Bridge and recently the Kurilpa Bridge.

Ye Jin

I think that Queen Street Mall represents Brisbane because the Queen Street Mall is very famous and many people come and go here. Around the Queen Street Mall, we can see different people. People singing, talking to each other etc. Also the Queen Street Mall is located in the middle of city. So I think that Queen Street Mall represents Brisbane.

If you missed the slideshow of the Out & About class on Friday, you can see it below:

Thank you to everyone in Out & About for all your hard work!

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