My Homestay with Maureen

One of our students from Switzerland, Manuela, enjoyed living with her homestay so much, she wrote a letter telling us all about it.

Manuela and Maureen

“When I left my country, I was very worried about going away from home. But I’ve found another very nice home and it’s here in Australia.

My homestay mother, Maureen, is absolutely fabulous! She is just like a very good friend. I can talk to her whenever I like, and her house is lovely. I live  in a big room with plenty of windows and everything is clean and nice. Maureen also cooks very nice meals and when I’m hungry, I’m always welcome to take something from the kitchen.

I think homestay is an absolutely wonderful way to live and improve your English.”     Manuela – Switzerland

Maureen has been taking on GV Brisbane’s students for 6 and a half years and is one of our most popular homestay parents.

If you have a great story about your time with Global Village, please let us know. Just email your story to Robyn at

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