French student testimonies

Melanie, Amelie & Camille from France talk about their time at GV Brisbane.

Melanie Delcourt, Amelie Robin & Camille Kaskassiades

Melanie DELCOURT   I really enjoy my new life in Australia! Time goes by so quickly. Brisbane is a very good city, close to the beach, with a lot of shops and lively at night. The school is really nice. It’s not like a real school because you learn English and you have fun at the same time.  After class and on the weekend we have the possibility to travel or to do something interesting like learn how to dance samba, flamenco. Last weekend I went to an island with the school and it was really good and I improve my English. The best for me is to meet people in all around the world. Colombia, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and Switzerland are the different countries in my class.

Amelie ROBIN   My family is very nice with me. They help me to improve my English, I speak a lot with them, they explain a lot of things (history, the places to visit…) and the children are very funny. I feel very good in their house and with the other student who lives with me. Brisbane is a very nice city: I like this town with the park, the place where you can make a barbecue, meet a lot of people. The city is very clean and people who live here are very nice and friendly. They help you when you are lost. The life here is totally different and it’s very good. GV is a good school, we meet a lot of people with different nationality. My class is very good, we speak a lot, we make different activities to study different skills.

Camille KASKASSIADES    Just few words to say that this experience is amazing! I think it was a good idea to come to Brisbane and I have no regrets with this choice: people are really friendly and it’s a beautiful city!In two months I can say that my English level is better and more fluent even if I have still difficulties with tenses and I need to learn more vocabulary. GV is a multicultural environment and I’m happy to go to school every day. My home-stay family is marvellous and I consider them like my Aussie family!!! I’m really happy with them and I don’t want to change them for anything. The time goes really fast here and I have already got a lot of memories…

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