Colombian dance lesson

Yesterday a small a group of students joined Natalia and Felipe in a lesson of Colombian dancing.


All the students learnt the steps very quickly and a few ‘new’ moves were also discovered! Check out a few more pictures on the GV Brisbane facebook page.!/group.php?gid=15129108583

Thanks Natalia & Felipe.

2 thoughts on “Colombian dance lesson

  1. Hi, im from colombia and soon will be in australia (dios quiera) this blog has been very helpfull but… I dont see the GV sydney blog link, where it is? If anything plz mail me Bye and good look

    • Hi Juan – thanks for asking about the GV Sydney blog. Our 5 schools actually operate seperately from the Sydney school so it will be listed separately from ours. If you go to their website you will fidn it on the right hand side. If I can help with a study destination such as Brisbane, Noosa or Sunshine Coast which have great work opportunites, please do feel free to email me on Cheers Dave, Marketing Manager.

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