Meet Lukas from snowy Switzerland…

“I studied at Lexis Brisbane for two months, which sadly isn’t that long.  I was in the Upper-Intermediate and Advanced classes, which I really enjoyed.  Even more fun was my Option Class.  My teachers were great and always super friendly.

I stayed with a host family in a close suburb.  MY FAMILY IS AWESOME.  It always felt like a home when they welcomed me after school and when we had dinner together.  They took me to a lot of places and events, and we had a great time together.

I’ve hardly ever felt so comfortable and integrated into a community, especially because there were people from all around the world.

After my time at Lexis, I’ll spend two months in South-East Asia, where I will do some travelling and working.  I got the opportunity to work as a volunteer in different villages near Phuket, where I will be teaching English – or at least try it!  I’m sure I’ll have a great time and a lot of new experiences.  I’m excited about the great food I’ll have there, and I’m really looking forward to seeing  the children smile.”



Lukas (on right) with his Upper-Intermediate teacher Drew.

Have a fantastic time Lukas, and best of luck!  We’ll miss your smiles and your happy, positive attitude. – from the Lexis team. 🙂

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