Cambridge First Writing Task


Our Lexis English Noosa FCE students did a great writing task to practise their describing language.  It’s really good!  Check it out below:

  • After dinner and drinks she walked home. Following an incredibly delicious meal and a few too many alcoholic beverages, the young girl staggered home.
  • Lexis English is a good school. Lexis English is an absolutely amazing school, located in a lovely, small, coastal town called Noosa.
  • He met a nice girl on Saturday. The extremely shy, young student met one of the loveliest girls he has ever met on Saturday evening.
  • On the weekend we relaxed at the beach. On the long Easter weekend, we spent time chilling out with friends at Noosa’s gorgeous Main Beach.
  • She’s good-looking and intelligent.  She’s not only absolutely stunning, but she’s also incredibly intelligent.
  • My teacher bought a new car.  My favourite teacher bought a brand new, red sports car.
  • I cooked dinner last night. I cooked a tasty, full, three-course Italian meal as a romantic surprise for my girlfriend last night.
  • I studied hard but I didn’t pass the exam. I studied extremely hard for the exam but unfortunately the grammar was way too difficult for me, so I failed.
  • The playground was full of children.  Although the playground was old and filthy, it was packed with noisy young children.
  • We are enjoying the FCE course.  Despite the rather challenging grammar, we are enjoying every second of our time in the FCE course.

Thanks everyone, great work and I am sure that other students will benefit from this blog.

Cambridge First Writing Task.

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