The upcoming tournament!

Hi everyone! My name is Milena and I am a new student at Lexis. I have come quite a long way from Hungary to study English in Australia but I don’t regret the 36 hours spent on the plane. It is an amazing place to stay, with lots of friendly and nice people. Life is busy here and I have already got the chance to meet with the football team of our school.  The guys form an amazing team, they are all passionate followers of soccer. They take the preparations seriously though their work and studies also interfere. What makes the team so great is that there are as many nationalities as players. Columbia, France, Italy and many other countries form the team of Lexis. The players are preparing for their tournament, which is going to be held on the 26th of July. The competition is a serious challenge, as the guys will have to face very professional teams. There are university, college and other language school teams. I have even had the chance to interview the trainer of the team, my IELTS teacher, Eugene. “The guys are good players and I really hope that we will succeed in reaching at least the semi- finals.”-he said, smiling. He is a great trainer, supports and encourages his team. And the most important thing is that he believes in them. So let’s wish good luck to our team!!! And let this tournament be a worthy offspring of the World Cup in Brasil!!!PicMonkey Collage

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