What’s On in Brisbane this Weekend!

No plans for the weekend? Go see some fire-twirling. Buy some cute handmade things. Eat wonderful foods. See an awesome British movie. Check out all of the events in Brisbane this weekend!On Friday night in West End, there will be a Full Moon Fire Festival- with circus performers showing off their amazing skills with fire. Between 7-10pm in Orleigh Park, West End, it promises to be an impressive experience.   More information here.

Friday night will also be the opening of the British Film Festival, with 10 days of awesome British movies. Go and see a few great movies- it’s a great way to practice your English! More information on movies here.

If you like good food, then the Eat Street Markets will be a treat for you. There are so many stalls with food from all over the world- the mini burgers are excellent, as is the paella- I would definitely recommend it.  Friday and Saturday nights from 4-10pm- find the location and more information here.

Looking for some cute Christmas presents to send home? Or maybe some fun things for yourself? There is a market on Saturday and Sunday selling a huge variety of Australia’s best handmade things. More information here.

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