Lexis student volunteers at the G20!

The G20 is happening in Brisbane right now, and one of our lovely students Laila has offered to volunteer for the event.  Read her story below:

“My name is Laila Ribeiro Cury, from Brazil ! I’m studying General English in Lexis English Brisbane I’ve been a volunteer in G20 since last Friday!  I’ve been at the Brisbane sign at South Bank every day per 5 hours.  I’ve helped visitors take a lot of pictures and I’ve given information about G20 Cultural events.
South Bank is amazing and a very, very, very beautiful place!  You can go to there 24 hours per day and every time you can find something new.
My volunteer job is awesome.  I could improve my English very fast because I’ve helped a lot of people every day and I could speak a lot.
My co-workers , now my friends, are very friendly and helpful people.  We’ve been having very fun days .
I would like to thank all the team for this big opportunity in my life!” – Laila


Laila (second from left) and her volunteering friends at South Bank


Laila in front of the big B for BRISBANE


Happy volunteers


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