Teacher Profile- Meet Adam P. !

Adam P

Get to know your teacher!

Adam P. is a dedicated and kind teacher who loves teaching- he’s always having fun with his students! He is always patient and ready to smile and help. We asked him some more about himself so you can get to know him better! Here’s some new facts about Adam P.:

Languages spoken: English, Japanese.

I always wanted to be a…An Architect, stockbroker or graphic designer.

I’ll bet you didn’t know… A banana is a a herb. (I checked this- it’s true! Isn’t that crazy?- James)

My dream holiday destination… The Maldives

Brisbane’s best kept secret…There are sharks in the river!

My English learning tip is….Don’t overthink things too much! Nothing can be translated 100%. Sometimes it’s easier to just learn something the way it is.

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