Christmas Gifts for the Lexis Family


One of our lovely students,the delightful Talyta, gave us a wonderful surprises when she presented us with this marvelous Christmas gift- this beautiful handmade wreath! Talyta made this amazing wreath herself with nothing more than a coat hanger, some ribbon and a lot of lollies.IMG_4651

Talyta was so sweet to make us such a present- she wrote us a beautiful card telling us that since she has been here, we have become like a family to her. She wanted to do something to say thank you for all of our help- but we are so happy to have her study with us!

Talyta has been with us since January, starting out as an Elementary student, and now she has progressed all the way to Upper Intermediate! She and her husband Maycon have seen some truly wonderful places in Australia (they won our photo competition earlier this year for a photo of Maycon windsurfing) and are now studying and working in Brisbane, and doing so well. They are both so lovely, and we really do feel like they are a part of our family here. Thank you so much for our lovely present, Talyta, it’s beautifully creative and we are so glad to have you here- and so pleased you are happy in the Lexis Family!

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