Twenty Four New Students Begin the New Year At Lexis Brisbane!

05012015We had a huge morning here at Lexis English! The whole school was buzzing with students coming back from holidays, excited to see their friends and teachers, new students ready to start their courses, and many the familiar faces of former students returning to start Cambridge courses. It was so lovely to see everyone and swap stories and chat about our holidays, and then get on to start again with new year energy.

We had a big group of new students starting today- twenty-four, to be exact! Some were starting Cambridge courses and others doing general English, but all were friendly and excited to begin- we had all of our new students making friends and chatting all morning.  We’d like to welcome our new students Yuki and Arashi from Japan, Vinicius from Brazil, Marilen, Sina, Sandra, Nathalie, Jalun, Alexia and Ariane from Switzerland, Cinzia and Elisa from Italy, Nam Kyung, Seohyun, Nam Ju, Tayeol, Gihun,Sejin, and Yusung from South Korea, Lluis from Spain and Matthieu from France. Welcome everyone! We can’t wait to get to know you all- bring on 2015!

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