A Vegetarian in Japan

Arriving in Japan, I was feeling a little worried about what I was going to be able to eat.  I’ve been a strict vegetarian for many years – I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs.  It’s pretty rare to be vegetarian in Japan, so I knew I had to do some research.  Luckily, I met a local yoga teacher at the lexis Japan Meetup, who told me about two vegetarian restaurants in Kobe: Modern Ark and Café Ageha, both within walking distance from Lexis.  On the way to Modern Ark, I came across another one called Vegetable Dining Nouka, and decided to eat lunch there.  It was the cutest little place I’ve ever been!  We had a traditional tempura set. My colleague Aimee said it is the best restaurant she’s ever been to!

The next day, we made it to Modern Ark, which was lovely!  Amazing food, beautiful atmosphere, and lovely staff.  It is completely vegan, and also sells health foods.  We had a delicious meal!  we started with fresh bagel and hommus, then had the vegetarian tray, which had brown rice, miso, salad and vegetable croquettes korokke.  They were served with a lovely selection of herbal teas.  we took away some vegan sweets too!  I highly recommend both of these restaurants!

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