Valentine’s Day at Lexis Brisbane

We had a beautiful Valentine’s Day at Lexis Brisbane. The whole school was nothing but love, love, love all day! So delightful for all of us to see all of this Lexis Love- and more importantly, the students had a fantastic time!

Our students have been writing love letters all week and posting them in the “Love Letterbox” on the front desk- and we were shocked at how many we had! We ended up with over 170 letters filling the box!

10954476_1584328391782712_1460985161864643111_n 10978631_1584328311782720_4007449072668953840_n 10999813_1584328418449376_8865957626799811318_n

We delivered the letters to the classrooms, with students delighted to get their love letters from friends and secret admirers! The whole afternoon was spent with students guessing who their “secret admirers” could be- so mysterious and much fun!


We finished our afternoon with a delightful afternoon tea, with more cake and chocolate than our students could possibly eat! Our teacher Kay-cee helped some of our students make chocolates and chocolate covered strawberries yesterday, so all of our students got to try these as well! IMG_5383

A great end to the week and a lovely beginning to Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

Lots of Love

Lexis English Brisbane 🙂

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