What’s On in Brisbane this weekend!

With the weekend looking to be rainy, maybe it’s a bit tempting to spend all weekend inside your house! But check out all of these different options for different things in Brisbane you can try 🙂

With it being Chinese Lunar New Year, there is plenty of excitement going on with the festival! There will be delicious food and market stalls, free interactive workshops, dance and music performances, firecrackers, lion dances and much more. More information here.

If the weather clears up a little bit, why not try a beautiful walk in Australian nature? The Boondall Wetlands are a beautiful part of Brisbane and there are many different animals to see- beautiful birds and unusual mammals. More details on the free walk here.

Or, if you want more of a party, Soundwave Festival is this weekend- it’s always hugely popular and a good time. With bands like Slipknot, Fallout Boy, the Smashing Pumpkins and Incubus all playing, it looks like a big day! More details here.

Have fun this weekend! Don’t let the rain stop you having a marvelous time!


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