What’s on in Brisbane this weekend!

Looking for fun things to do this weekend? Look no further! There is so much around this beautiful city to see and do- but you could start with some of these suggestions 🙂

Tonight, tomorrow morning or any weeknight evening Brisbane offers free fitness classes at Southbank. Tonight is Zumba, tomorrow morning is a workout on your abs, and the other evening classes are listed here! Check it out- it’s a great (free) way to keep fit!

If you are free tonight, you could try checking a rugby league game- our local Brisbane team, the Brisbane Broncos, are playing the South Sydney Rabbitohs. It starts at 7:05pm tonight! More information here.

On Friday night there is a laneway festival just near the school- the radio station B105 is providing free live music and plenty of places to buy delicious food or a Friday night drink 🙂  Brisbane’s laneways are a terrific secret of the city- check out more details here.

The Pixar Film festival is showing all kinds of classics, too, if you feel like a cute kind of afternoon! This weekend is A Bug’s Life and Cars and Up are the next few weeks. Find out more details here.

Have fun this weekend- enjoy a relaxing time off- and maybe think of shopping for what you will make for International Food Day next Wednesday!

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