As one Door Closes, Another One Opens- Our Cambridge Classes

We were sad to say goodbye last week to all of our lovely Cambridge FCE and CAE classes. Seeing how much they learned, the friends they made, and chatting with them every day in the school was all very special and we will miss them!

Cambridge Graduates 13012015Our CAE graduates after their exam- looking very relieved! 

Our FCE students finished their exams on Friday and the CAE completed their exams on Saturday, and I am sure everyone was very relieved to be finished with their exams. We wish them all the best in their results, but pass or fail, each of them has learned so many new things through their Cambridge preparation classes and can take their now very advanced level of English into their lives 🙂


Our new Cambridge students at the welcome afternoon tea.

But, as one door closes, another one opens, and we are very pleased to introduce our new Cambridge classes starting yesterday! Many continuing students taking on the Cambridge challenge, and  many new faces arriving in the Lexis Brisbane halls, ready to take on the task!

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