Lexis Success- Vinicius Silva and his fantastic job sponsorship!

We were so happy for our student Vinicius last week when he had an amazing success in Australia- he got an amazing job in his field, IT, and the company is sponsoring him to stay in Australia!

Vinnie worked hard applying for this wonderful job, going to all kinds of interviews and doing many applications, but eventually he was told the marvelous news that they loved his experience and wanted to keep him in Australia. Vinnie has said that he thinks it was because of his vast improvement in English here at Lexis that he was successful with his interviews, and that is just wonderful to hear.

Vinnie with his classmates on his last day of General English

Vinnie how has his next challenge: to pass the IELTS exam. His sponsorship is dependent on his passing his exam, so we quickly moved Vinnie from General English into our IELTS preparation class to get him as prepared as possible for this important test. Vinnie is now working very hard to pass this exam in two weeks- he’s doing well, and hopefully will pass his exams with flying colours!

Vinnie Studying

Vinnie studying hard in his new IELTS class.

We’re so proud of you for working so hard with your study, and so happy to hear about your wonderful news. Congratulations,Vinnie!

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