What’s On in Brisbane this Weekend!

Lots happening in Brisbane this weekend- there seems to be a lot of parties happening! If you’re looking for something to do, try one of these things!

Budgie Bolt southbank events brisbane

Friday afternoon at Southbank is the Budgie Bolt- a race for charity where all of the contestants are wearing speedos! Sounds like it will be a laugh, and for a very good cause. More details here– it starts at 5:15pm.

Also on Friday night there is free music and a great vibe in the nearby Post Office square. Just close to the school, maybe 5 minutes walk up Adelaide St. A nice way to relax and unwind after a busy week! More details here.

Eatons Hill rodeo 2015

On the Northside the Eaton’s Hill Pub is having a massive rodeo party on Saturday. It’s the whole country rodeo experience! Check out more details here.

Or, on Saturday or Sunday, try something more adventurous! The Riverlife Adventure Company gives you a chance to try abseiling, kayaking, rock climbing- all of the amazing things that our Brisbane River offers! Look at what you can do here.

Lots of wonderful ways to spend your weekend! Enjoy, everyone!

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