Lexis Success- Our Delightful Nicolas Forte!

We’ve just celebrated the graduation of our lovely Nicolas Forte, and we had a big chat to him about his time at Lexis and his Australian adventure.


Nico (far left) and his Lexis friends enjoying our beautiful Australian beaches.What a wonderful life!

Nico was a delight right from the start. Funny and charming, he made great many friends from all around the world. Seeing him around the school with his friends- and seeing their adventures on Facebook- was a perfect example of a solo adventurer making the most of his trip.


Nico with his Intermediate classmates.  

Nicolas started here at Lexis as a pre-intermediate student, and he told us he was very nervous about starting English school because “his English was so bad”. However, he learned quickly and soon moved up to our intermediate class- and it wasn’t long at all before we could see Nico chatting away in English to students of all levels in the Lexis hallways. We were especially happy to see Nicolas graduate at an Intermediate Grade A level- he came a long way in twelve weeks!


We were so happy to hear that Nico has a job as a cook in the trendy French Martini, a French restaurant in nearby South Brisbane! We know he will delight his customers and colleagues in the same way he delighted all of us. And we were so pleased to hear him say that it was the English he learned at Lexis that got him the job- we are just as proud of this achievement as you are, Nico!


Thank you so much, Nico, for being a part of the Lexis Family. We’re so glad you enjoyed your time here, and we hope you come and visit us as often as you can!

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