Ricardo and Camila- Homes to stay in, all around the world :)

We had the most beautiful feedback from two of our lovely students, Ricardo and Camila from Brazil. We spoke to them in the video below about their Lexis experience and their life in Australia, and they had some wonderful things to stay.

Ricardo and Camila arrived at the end of January. They decided as a couple it would be a good idea to stay with one of our Lexis homestay families and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience- the friendly homestay parents and the funny children trying to teach them extra English.

Ricardo and Camila in front of Brisbane’s beautiful Southbank

Both these students have worked hard in Australia, both in school and to find jobs, and have achieved terrific results. Both are now employed (Camila in fact now has two jobs!) and are in our Upper Intermediate classes- different classes because these two wanted to make sure they focused on their studies!

IMG_5784Camila Tea-crop

Ricardo enjoying our international food day, Camila showing us a traditional Brazilian tea.

The absolutely delightful Ricardo and Camila have made many friends in Lexis, forming lifelong friendships with other students across the world- as Ricardo says;

“We now have a home to stay in, in every country in the world”

Ricardo has beautifully described one of the most wonderful aspects of studying with Lexis English- our students make lifelong connections with wonderful people they would never meet in their own country, and transcend nationality, culture and massive distances to maintain these beautiful friendships. 

Ricardo and Camila with friends from all around the world.

Thanks for speaking to us, Ricardo and Camila- we’re so happy you are enjoying your time in Australia and here in Lexis Brisbane 🙂

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