What’s on in Brisbane this weekend!

A big weekend in Brisbane! ANZAC Day is this Saturday, which is a day in Australia where we pay respect to our soldiers.Brisbane will be celebrating this day in a number of ways- check out some of the suggestions for this weekend!

Friday or Saturday nights you could head to funky West End to try the Boundary St Markets. They have lots of delicious food stalls, cute little things to buy and the Motor Room, a bar with free live music. With it getting cold at this time of year they also have braziers with warm fires burning to keep you warm while you eat or drink. Check it out!

ANZAC Day begins with a very traditional, very serious ceremony that we call the Dawn Service. It begins at 4:28am and is a beautiful ceremony to celebrate those soldiers that died for our country. It’s an early morning, but an important part of Australian culture. More details here.

Lots of pubs will go crazy for ANZAC day- it’s a big day for Australians to celebrate with a beer. The Fox Hotel is having an ANZAC day event, but there will be lots of people in every pub across Brisbane! Check out the Fox here.

Or, looking for some different culture? GOMA has an awesome new exhibit called The Promised Land- looks crazy and interesting and weird and beautiful. Check it out! GOMA has so much to offer. More details here.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Have a wonderful Australian ANZAC Day.

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