Michael Trampitsch- English Only Across Australia!

We had a wonderful surprise yesterday when our lovely graduated student Michael came to visit us and say goodbye! Michael graduated a few months ago and it was a great treat to see him again!


Michael and his Lexis classmate William have been travelling all around Australia for the last few months and have seen some of the more amazing parts of this beautiful country- Alice Springs, Cairns, Katherine, Tasmania, Coober Pedy- and doing it all on their own in their own vehicle- completely independently! Sounds like they had a terrific adventure and have seen some truly spectacular things.


Michael (centre) on his great adventure!

We were particularly impressed when Michael told us that this travelling crew had an “English Only Policy” the whole way- just like at our Lexis school! With both boys being from Switzerland, they wanted to make sure they didn’t take the easy way out and just speak French or Swiss German the whole time, so they’ve been practising English all across Australia. This makes us at Lexis English very proud 🙂


Michael with his Lexis classmates on Australia Day

It was so good to see Michael back at the Lexis School and to hear he’s had such an amazing time in Australia. We were also delighted to hear that he spent his last few days in Brisbane visiting his Lexis Homestay family and staying in the house of some Lexis friends- we’re so happy to have been a part of you making so many great connections! Thanks for dropping in, Michael, it was great to see you- safe travels :):):)

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