Lexis Success- Mathilde Saudan: CAE Certified Student and Adventurer Extraordinaire!

We had a lovely surprise this morning when our graduated student, Mathilde Saudan, came to visit!

Mathilde and James

Mathilde has been on a great adventure all the way across Australia, all the way up the East Coast and inland- skydiving and scuba diving in Cairns, hiking near Uluru, taking on the most awesome road trip and having a marvelous time! Now she’s off to Fiji, just to top off the trip of a lifetime.

PicMonkey Collage

Mathilde across Australia

Mathilde had a great reason to celebrate whilst on her trip- she passed the tough Cambridge CAE exam with flying colours! We were delighted for Mathilde and much of her class, for they had great success in the exam, It’s always so wonderful to see the hard work the students put in pay off with a great result. We’ll look forward to the same results for our current Cambridge class, stepping up to their exams this week!


Mathilde, her classmates and her teacher on Lexis Valentines Day

It was so lovely seeing Mathilde looking suntanned and relaxed- she has combined hard work and great experiences to make the very most of her Australian experience. Mathilde always had a glorious smile and it was so good to see that sunny disposition here in the school again. Safe travels, Mathilde! Have fun in Fiji, and thanks for stopping by!

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