What’s On in Brisbane this weekend!

It’s crazy, but it’s almost the weekend again already! We have had a short week with the public holiday, and now this weekend is almost here- with lots of activities and festivals to entertain us! Check out some of these suggestions:

Feridun Avar, Friends, Queensland Multicultural Centre, Kangaroo Point, music, Turkish, Middle East, theatre

Friday night you could try some wonderful international music with a Middle Eastern and African influence- it’s at the marvelous multicultural centre in Kangaroo Point. Check out more details here.

Last chance for Spiegelworld! The tent has been going crazy all week with performances and excitement- if you wanted to see the spectacular acrobatics and burlesque it is still on until Sunday! Check it out here.

Saturday will have a wonderful opportunity to see a beautiful festival of lights- the Wynnum Illuminations Festival. It’s a bit of a distance- maybe half an hour on the train- but it looks amazingly beautiful! There will be music, dragon boat tug-of-war, markets and more! Check out more information here.

Another wonderful festival on Sunday, as well! This one is much closer, in Annerley, and is a welcome festival for our new arrivals in Australia!  There will be music and dance, workshops, and food from all around the world! Check out more information here.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! Have fun and stay warm!

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