Lexis Success- Reina Baba!


We had lovely visitor yesterday when recently graduated student Reina Baba stopped by our Lexis Brisbane school.  It’s always a delight to see her, but it was especially nice to see her this time when we heard her good news- Reina has successfully gotten a great job!


Reina posted a lovely Facebook status about Lexis after graduation!

Reina graduated after 17 weeks at the end of May, and told us she loved her time at Lexis. Reina made many, many friends from all around the world here and had so many adventures- she was part of the making of the Lexis movie and participated in the colourful-paint splattered Illumi Run with a group of Lexis students- go Team Lexis!

PicMonkey Collage

Reina starring in the Lexis movie (left) and with her Illumi Run teammates (right) 

After her graduation, Reina was going to look for her a job, and, like many students, she was very worried about it! But she didn’t need to worry at all- Reina was successful almost immediately in getting a job in a sushi restaurant in Kelvin Grove. Reina loves her new job, even if it does take time to get used to what Australians call “sushi”-it’s very different to what they have in Japan!


Reina with classmates and teachers on the Lexis Brisbane balcony

It’s wonderful to see things going so well for Reina- she was always such a pleasure to have around the school, and it’s marvelous to see another Lexis student making the most of their English. The future looks bright for Reina in Australia- she’s planning on moving in with one of her Lexis classmates, and she gets to practice English all the time with her Australian customers, so her English will continue to grow! Good luck Reina, and keep popping in to see us- you’re always welcome!

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