Alex Brun- English in his Pocket to Take Around the World!

We had a wonderful talk yesterday to our beautiful student Alex Brun about his experience coming to Australia to learn English at Lexis Brisbane. It was honestly inspiring to hear Alex talk about his dream and how far he has come towards achieving it, and, as he puts it, “opening up the whole world by learning English”.

Alex has been with us since December last year. When he first arrived, Alex spoke almost no English, only five or six words! He had the dream, though, to learn this language, and he was determined to achieve it. He began in our Elementary class and loved how patient and kind his first teacher Catherine was in helping him through those first few challenging weeks. Even in his first weeks we could see Alex trying to have English conversations with the few words he had, and he tried and tried- as Alex said, it was the only way to speak English all the time- he’s the biggest supporter of our Lexis “English Only” policy!


Alex getting an impromptu English lesson from our Academic Manager, Zoe! 

Alex has a natural brightness and enthusiasm, and he is so friendly he very quickly made friends from all over the school- you’d always hear Alex bouncing out of the elevators with a friendly “hello” and a chat to his elementary classmates all the way through to his good friends in our Cambridge preparation classes. Alex has been on many travels with his Lexis classmates, from bushwalking to whale watching, and still has a few months for many more marvelous adventures. He made close friends in his homestay family, too, and continues to be one of the first friendly faces our new students meet- he’s a marvelous Lexis ambassador 🙂PicMonkey Collage2

Alex on adventures with his Lexis friends

Alex’s determination to learn English and his wonderful success is inspirational. He has worked to achieve his dream, and already his is more than halfway there! Alex can now communicate well in English, and has made so much progress from the five or six words he began with. As Alex says, he now has some English “in his pocket” and he can use this to travel and make even more friends from around the world. Congratulations, Alex, it’s such a joy to have you at the school and watch you grow towards your dream- we can’t wait to see how you grow even more and take on the world with the English in your pocket! 10933742_10204346734526914_1295333333089446523_n

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