Pablo’s English Adventure- Lexis Sunshine Coast, Spain and now Lexis Brisbane!

We had a special new arrival today, who had an almost familiar Lexis glow about him- Pablo Gorostiaga! Pablo told us that he studied at Lexis Sunshine Coast two years ago, and remembers fondly studying with our wonderful Sunshine Coast Academic Manager Dave Fox. We knew he had that ring of Lexis success about him!

1093991_10201674644371286_1340562429_o Pablo with his Lexis Sunshine Coast classmates- on top of the world!

Pablo has certainly accomplished a lot with English and travel for his 17 years- he studied for 6 weeks in Lexis Sunshine Coast back when he was only 14. Obviously our marvellous Lexis English experience gave him a taste for it- he went back to Spain and studied and succeeded in his Cambridge FCE, CAE, and even the very tough CPE exam! Such an accomplishment at such a young age.


Our Academic Manager Zoe welcoming Pablo home to Lexis Brisbane.

Pablo is now studying IELTS Preparation here in Lexis Brisbane and we are very pleased to welcome him back into the Lexis fold. Enjoy your time here, Pablo- and congratulations on all of your English progress! We can’t wait to see how far you can go!

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