*17 Superb Students*

Welcome back to our existing students who (I hope) had a wonderful LONG weekend – I know it’s hard coming back after such a nice break, but keep up the good work! 🙂

Things are getting very busy here at Lexis Brisbane as we also welcomed to the school 17 new students from all around the globe! The group did well to adapt to their new surroundings despite the exceptionally busy morning, and they showed much enthusiasm to start their classes and make new friends.

Some of our students showing us where they're from!

Some of our new students showing us where they’re from!

Please give a big welcome to…(pictured from left to right):
Danny – who actually joined us from Lexis Byron Bay but is originally from South Korea, Fabien and Maxime from France, Selin from Belgium, Laura and Anouk from Switzerland, Aran from Spain, Manon from Belgium, Ludmila from Czech Republic, Dayoung from South Korea, Jessica from Colombia, Yeonjoo from South Korea, Yuki from Japan, Francesco from Italy, Kiyoshi from Japan, Edoardo from Italy and Tokuma from Japan.
Week 11 photo

🙂 Have a fantastic first week here at Lexis Brisbane! 🙂

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