Lexis Success! – IELTS and Cambridge

Today we celebrated the success of three awesome Lexis Brisbane students. Firstly, the lovely Marisol from Colombia, who studied with us for 6 months, received an amazing 6.0 on her official IELTS exam!  Considering that she started out at the beginning of Pre-Intermediate, she has come a long way!  Well done Marisol!  Here she is with her first teacher Paola!

Marisol and Paola

Marisol and her proud teacher Paola.

Next we have a very special couple from Spain – Maria and Alvaro. The pair started their studies in Pre-Intermediate level, and progressed up to Upper-Intermediate before starting their Cambridge First preparation course.  They both worked very hard and passed their FCE exam!  Here they are with their certificates.  After Cambridge they continued to improve their skills in our IELTS class.  Congratulations and we wish you all the best guys!!

Maria and Alvaro

Maria and Alvaro with their Cambridge First certificates. Yay!

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