Student Testimonial – Alex Brun

It has been one week since Alex’s final day here at Lexis Brisbane – we still miss you!!

Alex was a student at Lexis Brisbane for 1 year, and during this time he became a big part of the Lexis family. Being such a courteous, positive person, he respected everyone around him and always encouraged his classmates to do their best.  Alex always had a smile on his face (and a Red Bull in hand)!

Alex 1
Alex with other Lexis student at one of the many BBQ parties in Brisbane.

When Alex first arrived in Australia from France, he found it very difficult to say even the simplest of words. To this day, he has worked very hard and achieved so much!  He most recently studied in an advanced level IELTS preparation class, and received a great score of 5.o on his official IELTS exam – woo hoo!! We could not be prouder!! 🙂

Before Alex left, we asked him to answer a few questions about his time here in Australia. Here’s what he had to say…:

Why did you choose Brisbane? Were you happy with your choice?
Yes, I’m pretty happy with my choice. I booked my 1 year abroad through an agency back in France, and I’m really happy they recommended Lexis to me!

Where did you live while in Australia? Were you in Student Accommodation or did you try Homestay?
I lived in Homestay with a family that looked after many International Students. My family was so nice. We spent many nights down by the river next to the house, chatting and laughing and having a good time. Thank you so much!!

What did like most about Brisbane?
The location – it is great! It is just the right size and not too far from other major cities/locations.

What was your most memorable experience in Brisbane/Australia?
Everything! It was the best experience of my life!

So what are your plans for when you return home?
Firstly, I’ll enjoy Christmas time with my family. After the holidays, I’ll start applying for new jobs where I can use my English skills.

We are very excited for what your future holds mate, and can’t wait to hear about all your new adventure back home! We wish you the best of luck with whatever you choose to pursue!

Love, your friends at Lexis Brisbane! 🙂

Alex 5
Alex with the Lexis family


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