Student Testimonial – Meet Marlena!

This time on Student Testimonials, we met with the lovely Marlena from Poland. Marlena has been with us here at Lexis English since the end of September, and she has made great progress since then! We asked her to answer a few of our questions, so this is what she had to say!

What course are you currently studying here at Lexis?
I started in Upper Intermediate, and now I am in the Advanced class. I am here until January 8th next year.

What do you think of your classes/teachers?
I have the best teacher! He’s very organised and his classes are not boring at all. He always explains everything perfectly, and I understand a lot more grammar thanks to him!

Why did you choose Brisbane? Are you happy with your choice?
I enjoy spending time in Brisbane very much and I’m very happy with my choice. Before coming here, I heard that Brisbane is very friendly – and that’s true! Plus, I really like that it is really close to the most beautiful beaches! The weather is also perfect for me.

Where are you currently living? Are you living alone or in a shared house?
I’m living in my own house by myself.

What do you like most about Brisbane/Australia?
People’s attitude to life, the weather, amazing landscapes and the unusual flora and fauna!

What is your most memorable experience here in Brisbane/Australia?
My first day in Lexis of course!

What are your plans for when you return to your home country?
After what I have experienced here? I’m not gonna return! 🙂

Marlena Photo

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us, Marlena! 🙂 We hope you continue to enjoy your time here and make plenty more memories!

If you would like to do your own Student Testimonial, just ask Tara at reception for a question sheet! 🙂


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