12 Terrific New Faces – 29/02/16

What a wonderful start to the ‘extra day of the year’ – Happy Leap Year Day! 😀 Did you know that if you were born on February 29th 1980 or after, you would be no older than 9 years old? (if you counted by the number of birthdays you have celebrated). Interesting huh?!

That’s enough trivia for one day! This morning we welcomed 12 new students to Lexis Brisbane. It was good to see such bright, positive attitudes so early on a Monday morning! 🙂 Check out our awesome new classmates below! Be sure to say hello if you see them around.

Week 31 photo.jpgFrom left to right: Jinwoo from South Korea, Kei from Japan, Fabia from Switzerland, Nanako from Japan, Sergio from Spain, Fabiano, Larissa, Renata and Juliana from Brazil, Ayse from Turkey, Rei from Japan and Lourdes who is also from Spain.

Welcome to the Lexis Brisbane family, everyone! We hope you enjoy your time here and settle into your new life with ease. Be sure to ask the girls at Reception/Student Services if you have any questions.

🙂 Have a great week guys! 🙂


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