Meet the Teachers – Sander!

Let’s meet the one and only Sander! 😀

Sander has been teaching at Lexis Brisbane for awhile now, and is a wonderful addition to the team. He is currently teaching the Intermediate class as well as the cooking Option Class – which, can I mention smells soooo good every Wednesday afternoon!! Sander is also a part-time pastry chef who often cooks yummy treats to bring to the school. We finally got around to asking him some questions about himself as well as some interesting things he likes about Brisbane. See what Sander had to say below…:

Sander Photo (print).jpg

What languages do you speak?
I originate from Belgium, so I speak both Dutch and French, and of course English. I also speak a little Vietnamese and I often like to pretend to speak German. 🙂

What was always your dream growing up?
I always wanted to be a cheese maker.

Brisbane’s best kept secret is…?
Urban fruit foraging. When the season is right, there’s plenty of delicious stuff for the picking. Give it a go!

At 11pm on a Saturday, where will you be?
Having a beer, or probably in bed.

What about at 8am on a Saturday?
At the markets!

What is your dream holiday destination?
Wherever the sun, food and music are excellent and plentiful!

What would you consider to be the BEST restaurant in Brisbane that we should check out?
Tukka in West End. All native foods cooked by a French man named Njam!

Where is one place in Brisbane that we should definitely not miss?
Definitely go to Stradbroke Island if you ever get the chance.

Do you have an interesting fact to share to everyone?
Did you know that cats with three or more colours are always female?

Lastly, what is your ultimate English learning tip?
Listen to and speak with native speakers as often as you can! The best way to learn is to do!


Thanks for answering our questions Sander! If you haven’t met Sander yet, be sure to introduce yourself when you get a chance! 😀

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