Meet the Teachers – Jessica

This week Meet the Teachers features the lovely Jessica!

Jessica has been at Lexis for a while now. You might have seen her wondering the halls during break time. She is currently teaching the Intermediate 2 class, and all of her students adore her! We were lucky enough to get Jessica away from her busy schedule to answer some of our questions.

Jessica Photo (print)

What languages do you speak?
I’m originally from the United States of America, so I know some Central American Spanish, and of course American English!

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I always wanted to be a an architect.

Tell us something about yourself that we don’t already know!
I love to surf! I also really enjoy scuba diving and LOVE spending time outdoors!

What would be Brisbane’s best kept secret?
I don’t know yet – I’m still new here! Why not tell me? 🙂

Where can we find you at 11pm on a Saturday night?
Usually asleep because I’m old… Or possibly out in Brisbane with friends!

What about 8am on a Saturday?
Enjoying a coffee with my partner, or still sleeping…

Is there somewhere in the world you would love to go on holidays?
An island bungalow in the Maldives would be amazing. Or Fiji with lots of drinks and scuba diving. Or even the jungles of Borneo! 🙂

Where is the best restaurant in Brisbane?
My kitchen at home! I don’t go out much since my partner and I love to cook! He an especially good cook!

When out and about in Brisbane, what’s one thing we should see?
Definitely the free salsa lessons and party in Brisbane Square every Friday night!

Lastly, do you have an English tip for everyone to follow?
I always encourage learners of another language to totally immerse yourself in the language itself. For example, join a local team or club that’s full of English speakers that share similar interests with you.

Thanks for answering our questions, Jessica! Make sure to say hello to her if you see her around the school. Maybe even get to know a little bit more about America while you’re at it! 🙂


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