A sunny welcome to our new Cambridge students! :)

This afternoon, we were joined by all of our new Cambridge students out on the sunny terrace! 🙂 What a picture perfect day to enjoy some yummy Aussie snacks under the big blue sky.

Our famous Australian Tim Tams – the best biscuits in the world!
What a lovely autumn day in Brisbane

This round we have 4 Cambridge classes  – Cambridge First (FCE) which is taught by teachers Catherine and Daniel, two Cambridge Advanced (CAE) classes taught by teachers Judy and Paola, and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) class taught by teacher Melissa.

Left to right: Teachers Catherine, Judy, Melissa and Paola looking AMAZING!

All of our Cambridge teachers are excited to share the next three months working together with their students, to help them improve their English skills immensely. They all have a lot of experience to share, so students – please don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek advice from them! 🙂

This afternoon, we were also joined by Lien from Backpackers World Travel, who ran a competition especially for our Cambridge students! The theme was Australian Trivia, and everyone had to guess whether her statements were true or false!IMG_9822

In the end, there could be only one winner – and that winner was Fernando!! 🙂 Congratulations! Fernando has won a travel voucher to Fraser Island. How cool is that?!! 🙂IMG_9823

From all your friends here at Lexis Brisbane – welcome to our new round of Cambridge! 🙂 We know that you will enjoy your courses, study very hard and acheive your English learning goals, whilst having fun!  Good luck for the road ahead everyone! 😀


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