The Lexis Master Chef Cook-Off – 31/3/16

It was an all out battle in the kitchen yesterday in Catherine’s cooking class! Students were split into 2 teams – Girls VS Boys and competed against each other in a cook-off! Today’s recipe was Tacos. Students not only had to prepare the tacos from scratch, but also present them to Judge Tara who awarded points based on presentation, taste and creativity.

Students had a bag full of ingredients that they had bought at the beginning of the week in preparation for the challenge. They have also been learning how to properly read and follow a recipe, as well as learning new cooking vocabulary which they had to put into practice today with their team mates.


What’s in the goody bag?

Once preparations were underway, the teams quickly focused on the task at hand – cooking Judge Tara the perfect Taco! But what is a cooking class challenge without a little bit of fun mixed in?! 🙂


Sergio stealthily checking out the competition! 🙂

The time soon came where Judge Tara sat down at the table and awaited the contestant’s dishes. The first dish to be judged was the girl’s team, who starred the lovely Juanita, Noelia, Maria, Sofia and Mariana. They created the Delicious Taco, which smelled divine and presented perfectly.


4/5 stars for presentation!

The girls got a score of:

4/5 stars for presentation.
3/5 stars for taste.
3/5 stars for creativity.

Very well done! 😀

Next it was time for the boy’s dish. Representing the boys team was Marco, Sergio and Ronaldo. Although they were at a disadvantage with only 3 team members, they were determined to win! They greeted Judge Tara with quite a surprise – a whole plate of Tacos!


Hope you’re hungry!! 🙂

They boys called their dish the Marvelous Taco, which indeed lived up to it’s name! Tara also judged the dish based on presentation, taste and creativity.

Their scores are as follows:

4/5 stars for presentation.
5/5 stars for taste.
4/5 stars for creativity.


Made with love! 🙂

In the end there could only be one winner. Based on the total score of each team and the approval of Teacher Catherine, it was decided that victory would go to the BOYS! 😀 Judge Tara was very impressed with the flavour of the mince, the texture of their guacamole and the creativity put into naming their dish.

Great job guys! Feel free to cook for us every day! 😀

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