A real life fairy tale at Lexis Brisbane! <3

We had some old friends come to visit Lexis Brisbane yesterday! Please meet the ever-so-adorable Masataka and Yuumi from Japan!

Masataka and Yuumi were students here at Lexis (formerly known as Shane Global Village) 4 and a half years ago. To them, SGV felt more like home rather than a school, and as they spent quite a bit of time here they thought it would be a nice surprise to drop in and see how everyone was going! How lovely!


Some of the teachers/staff they got to know are still here at Lexis today. Everyone had a lot of fun catching up and reminiscing about the good old days – even our Student Support staff member Robyn got in on the fun reinacting an old photo! 😀

Masataka and Yuumi didn’t know each other prior to coming to Australia, but when they first met at SGV they hit it off straight away! 🙂 Over the years, they became very close and recently they made things official by getting married. They thought it would make sense to come back to Brisbane to get married as this is where their hearts first met – awwww! ❤ Unfortunately the local church in the city was closed for construction, so they decided to have their wedding ceremony down on the beach of the beautiful Gold Coast.

🙂 Congratulations to you both!! 🙂

We LOVE seeing successful stories come out of Lexis, and this story just shows that even true love can be found in the most random of places! We also love hearing from and seeing all of our students – recent and old; so please come and visit us again if life ever brings you back to our beautiful Brisbane. ❤

Thanks for visiting Masataka and Yuumi! All the best for your future together! 🙂

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