Student Testimonial – Cristiano

Today we said farewell to another Lexis legend. Cristiano has been studying at Lexis for over a year, and today was his final day! Cristiano has come a long way since beginning his English learning journey with us, starting out from absolute Beginner, now graduating with an Advanced certificate! 🙂 We’re so proud of how far you have come!

Cristiano 1.jpg
Cristiano with his Advanced English teacher Matt and his Upper Intermediate teacher Sarah.

Before coming to Brisbane, Cristiano hadn’t spoken a word of English. He only knew basic words such as colours and numbers. On his first day at Lexis, Cristiano had mixed emotions. “I can’t describe my first day – it was a mixture of happiness and feeling nervous. But I knew I was excited to start”. Cristiano’s first teacher at Lexis was the lovely Paola, who was just as excited to help kick start Cristiano’s English learning adventure. She is super proud of her student’s accomplishments. ❤

Cristiano 2
Cristiano with his Beginner English teacher Paola.

We sat down with Cristiano today to ask him a couple of questions about life in Brisbane; at Lexis and Australia! Here’s what he had to say:

Which country are you from?
I’m from Brazil.

What do you think about your classes and your teachers?
I’m really glad with my teachers – especially Sarah. She has been my teacher since Intermediate class, and has taught me everything I know. All the classes are great. I have learned a lot since arriving 1 year ago. It’s amazing how much I have learned in such a short time.

So why did you choose Brisbane out of all the places in the world?
I chose Brisbane because the weather is quite similar to my city back home in Brazil. I also have a friend who lives in Brisbane and has been here for almost 4 years.

Did you work while you were here?
I got a job through my friend here in Brisbane. It’s great for paying the bills, but I found it a little difficult studying full-time and working. It was a great experience though.

What is your most memorable experience here?
I’ve had so many great experiences, but if I had to choose one, it would be the people that I have met along the way. 🙂

What do you like most about Brisbane/Australia and why?
The environment and the people. Everything and everyone are so nice. I love this city – I love this country!!

What are your plans for when you return to you home country?
It’s actually a little early to talk about my return as I still have 1 year in Brisbane. So I actually think Brisbane has a lot planned for me before I go back! 🙂

Thanks for chatting with with us, Cristiano. We wish you all the best of luck for the rest of your adventures! Please keep in touch! 🙂

We love hearing from all of our students! So if you would also like to have your say, or even fill out one of our student questionnaires, then please see Tara at reception!

😀 Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

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