Job Blog (Workers’ Rights in Australia)

Hello everyone! It’s Tuesday and that means it’s Job Blog time. Find our newest listings below.

Every week we talk about jobs and where to find them, but students often ask what questions they should ask when searching for a job. Here is a checklist of things to confirm before accepting work in Australia.

  1. Has your new employer asked for your visa details? Employers in Australia are required to know about your work permission. Make sure you have the right visa to work and check the limitations on your visa.
  2. Does your new employer pay minimum wage? Minimum wage for a casual position in Australia is $17.70 per hour ( Your employer is required by law to pay you at least $17.70 per hour (before tax). Check that you are getting paid the right amount for your hard work!
  3. Has your new employer asked for your Tax File Number? Have they given you a Tax Declaration Form? If not, we can help you set up a Tax File Number (TFN). Just ask one of the administration staff at Lexis. If you work in Australia, you must pay taxes if you earn over a certain amount. If you are paid in cash, you still need to pay taxes.
  4. Does your employer pay your superannuation? Even for casual and part-time jobs, Australian employers must pay for your superannuation. If you do not have a superannuation fund, your employer should help you set one up.

This should help you find a safe, fun, and rewarding job while you’re in Australia. Click on the link below for the job listings. Happy job hunting, everyone!

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