A busy day at Lexis Brisbane! 5/9/16

What a busy start to the week here at Lexis Brisbane with our newest Cambridge courses starting today. We have 3 classes on offer this round – Cambridge First (FCE); Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) certificates.

Along with our new Cambridge classes, we had a huge number of students starting their General English courses. In total, we had over 30 students starting today!! 😀 Wow, Brisbane has come alive!

Take a look at our new superstars!

Week 57 photo.jpg
Back Row (left to right): Yuri and Suelen from Brazil, Nadine from Switzerland, Ryu from Japan, Alberto from Italy, Paulo from Brazil, Francisco from Colombia, Jana and Fabienne from Switzerland, David from Belgium, Meiko from Japan, Cheyenne and Corinne from Switzerland.
Back Middle Row: Sara and Davide from Italy, Juan from Colombia, Jonghoon from South Korea, Louise from France,  Francesca from Italy, Samara from Brazil, Laia from Spain, Dami from South Korea.
Front Middle Row: Julian from Colombia, Mio from Japan, Sunik from South Korea, Rick and Raquel from Brazil, Noelia and Cristina from Spain.
Front Row: Adrian and Breixo from Spain.

Welcome and good luck to each and every one of you! 🙂 ❤ We hope you enjoy your first week here at Lexis Brisbane, and make plenty of new friends and memories along the way.

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