Cambridge Welcome Party!! :)

What better way to finish Week 1 of Cambridge than to have a yummy afternoon tea party?!


Today in the Student Kitchen, we were joined by all of our Cambridge students and their teachers to share their thoughts on the first week, wind down, and mingle with their fellow classmates.


Lien from our friends over at Backpackers World Travel also joined in on the fun playing an Australian themed trivia game!

“What two animals are on the Australian Coat of Arms?”

Students had to guess the answer and at the end, there would be only one winner – and that winner was Renner! 😀 He scored himself free travel tickets, woohoo!

Winners are grinners! 😀

We have three Cambridge courses on offer this round, Cambridge First (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE). Unfortunately our CAE teacher Daniel couldn’t make it today, (but with our good friend photoshop he could be in the photo!). 😀 😀 Please also meet our CPE teacher Melissa and FCE teacher Catherine! 🙂

Teachers Group.jpg
Left to right: Melissa, Daniel ( 😀 ) and Catherine!
Catherine with her FCE class!
Daniel’s CAE class with teacher Judy filling in today.
Our lovely CPE class with their teacher Melissa! Go girls!!

It’s going to be a crazy 12 weeks, so we wish you all the best of luck with the challenges that await you. We believe in each and every one of you!! ❤ #LexisFamily

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