😱 Watch out! It’s ‘swooping bird’ season!! 😱

Australian Magpie

These little guys may look cute and innocent, (which for the most part, they are) ❤ , but the truth is they can be very deadly!

But the month of September is a particularly dangerous time for locals, as we enter the “swooping bird” season. Spring time brings with it some beautiful flowers, fresh green grass and of course our adorable new generation of wildlife. But it is during this time, our little magpie friends become very protective of their nests, so when you come within 100m of their home, they’ll feel threatened and will attack! 😲

You might have seen some people riding around with these weird attachments on their helmets.

Or perhaps you’ve seen this video popping up on Facebook. 😆 😲 😂  

So what can you do to protect yourself? 

  • Avoid ‘defence zones’ (100-150m of the nest). Birds are a part of our world too, and they share common areas such as parks, fields, even your backyard. If you can avoid the area where birds are known to swoop, please do!
  • If you must go through one of these zones, try carrying a stick or some branches with you, but please do not hit them! 😦 These should only be used as a deterrant!
  •  Try wearing a wide brimmed hat, or use an umbrella. This will help protect your face.
  • If you are cycling, it might help to get off your bike and walk through the magpie zone. It is said that magpies do not like quick movements. Try not to run around!!
  • Wear glasses to protect your eyes!

Australia is full of wonderful wildlife, so please respect them during these times. Once the season is over, we can go back to living in harmony! 🙂 ❤

Stay safe!! 😀

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