Melbourne Cup – Everyone’s a WINNER!!

The first Tuesday of November marks a very special occasion here in Australia; the race that stops the nationThe Melbourne Cup! 😀

Students entered in the sweeps this morning; some even bought up to 5 tickets!! :O But would that be enough to win the prize money?? Those who entered in the $1 sweeps would win up to $12 if their horse came first, and those in the $2 sweeps would win a whopping $24 for first place! ❤

We had 5 full sweeps today! A new record!! 😀
Not bad at all!

Everyone gathered in the Student Kitchen right on 2pm to watch the big race. We all had our tickets ready, and our cheering voices switched on!!

The winning horses were:
1st: #17. Almandin
2nd: #13. Heartbreak City
3rd: #6. Hartnell

😀 And here are our winners!!! 😀img_1801

$1 Sweeps Winners:
1st = Julian.V & Jeremy
2nd = Yuri & Paola
3rd = Raphaela &Judith

$2 Sweeps Winners:
1st = Sebastian; Julian.O & Tara
2nd = Rina; Santiago & Yuri
3rd = Mauricio; Viviana & Breixo

Congratulations to everyone!! Even those who didn’t win money still enjoyed some free candy! ❤ I was lucky to have a win though, hehe! 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your day!



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