Lexis Languages – A BIG Success!

We come to the end of week 1 of our new Lexis Languages Japanese course, and what a great success so far! 😀

Chiko-sensei and Misuzu-sensei have been preparing a lot of materials in the lead up to the course. They have had a lot of positive feedback from their students.

Chiko-sensei!! 🙂

We have 2 Beginner classes and 1 Upper Intermediate class running at the moment. The classes are twice a week and will run for 10 weeks in total.

Beginner class 1 – Do you recognise some of the students? 😉
Beginner class 2
Upper Intermediate student with Misuzu-sensei.

Of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, the courses are open to ALL Lexis students. There is even a promotional discount for you! Please talk to Wakako or Tara at reception if you are interested in learning Japanese at Lexis Brisbane!! 🙂

Please also check out the official Lexis Languages Facebook, and follow Chiko-sensei’s blog for some helpful tips and tricks to learning this awesome language! 🙂

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