☀️ Beach Safety Talk ☀️

Scott from the Surf Life Saving Club dropped by this morning to talk about beach safety with our Japanese study tour group.



He spoke about the importance of swimming between the red & yellow flags, how to call out for help, and also the dangers to look out for when you’re swimming in the ocean.

It’s important to look out for, and swim between the red & yellow flags!


Not only do you have to look out for flags, but you should also look for information signs. Sometimes the lifeguards will put up signs about dangerous weather or surf.





  • Always swim between the red & yellow flags.
  • Look and take notice of the signs at the beach.
  • Ask a lifeguard or lifesaver for safety advice.
  • Learn how to identify a rip.
  • Swim with a friend – never swim or surf alone.
  • If you need help, stay calm and attract attention by raising your arm above your head.
  • Never enter the water if you have been drinking alcohol or are under the influence of drugs.
  • Wear sunscreen, seek shade and stay hydrated.
  • If witnessing an in-water emergency dial Triple Zero (000) – Police
  • For information on Beach conditions or to find a patrolled beach near you, check out the Surf Life Saving website or download the mobile app.

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