Graduating Students – 31/03/17

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for our graduating students of the week. ☀️ ☀️ A lot of our students who finished today have been with us for more than 24 weeks!! #WeAreSoProud

A big congratulations to each and every one of you for finishing your Lexis English journey. May this be the start of an exciting and brand new adventure!! ❤ Please keep in touch with us!

HANYONG - Cassy's A'noon Int
Hanyong – Cassy’s Afternoon Intermediate Class
LAIS - Audrey's Upper Int
Lais – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate Class
LUKAS - Clare's Pre-int
Lukas – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate Class
NORIKO - Mitzi's Pre-int
Noriko – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate Class
ROSARIO - Roz's Upper Int
Rosario – Roz & Jenny’s Upper Intermediate Class
The lovely Rosario and Judit
RYOTO - Tanya's Int
Ryoto – Tanya’s Intermediate Class
IGOR - Blair's FCE
Igor – Blair’s FCE Class

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