Graduating Students! 😒 πŸŽ“ 05/05/17

Goodbye and good luck to all our lovely students who are leaving us this week! We hope you enjoyed your time at Lexis, and continue using your English out in the real world. Whether you’re staying in Brisbane, travelling or going back home, take care and keep in touch! ❀ ❀

HARUNA - Audrey Upper Int

Haruna – Audrey’s Upper Intermediate class

HEEWON & ALICE - Clare Pre-Intermediate

HeeWon & Alice – Clare’s Pre-Intermediate class

ISABELLA - Roz Upper Intermediate

Isabella – Roz’s Upper Intermediate class

PRISCILA - Laura Intermediate

Priscila – Laura’s Intermediate class

SANGMIN - Mitzi Pre-Int

Changmin – Mitzi’s Pre-Intermediate class

THAIS - Brittany Intermediate

Thais – Brittany’s Intermediate class

LETICIA - Eguene A'noon IELTS.jpg

Leticia – Eugene’s afternoon IELTS class

❀ ❀ ❀

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